Different ways hardwood flooring is installed

Different ways hardwood flooring is installed

If your choice for new floors happens to be hardwood, you'll have more than one installation option. Depending on your subfloor situation, one of them could be better for you than the others.

Understanding your flooring options can give you an advantage during your shopping experience. And here are some facts to help get you started.

Nail-down installation is popular

For hardwood flooring with a wood subfloor, nail-down installations are standard. It's a more permanent choice and offers excellent performance once the floors are in place.

There are fewer chances that this installation will fail, especially over time. But if a piece of your new floors needs replacing, it's easy, without damage or moving adjacent boards.

Glue-down installation is effective

A glue-down installation is often preferred for hardwood floors for various reasons. First, you'll experience less creaking and shifting once the floors are in place.

But it also creates its vapor barrier, so nothing extra is necessary. This can help reduce the overall cost of your installation.

A floating installation offers lots of benefits as well

You may hear the term floating floors a lot, but it works well for some hardwood flooring too. One of the best benefits at our flooring company is that it allows for expansion and contraction without damage.

Some options offer click-together installation, and others need added glue or nails. But, once in place, they'll maintain a beautiful appearance for decades.

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